Protect your local jobs by verifying and certifying on a tamper-proof blockchain who has worked on a product and earn commissions!

Why does it work?

No more patriotic marketing cheating, your products are directly certified by the workers themselves thanks to the trustworthy blockchain decentralized technology!

How to proceed to earn your commissions?

1 Connect with your account:

Check who has worked on a product and buy the products made by your relatives in order to protect their jobs and benefit of privileges thanks to you patriotic relational value score


Add what you do for the products on their Web page in order to increase their visibility to sell more of them and earn up to half of the commisson paid to Reputaction shared between all the certified contributors of the product!

Earn up to half of the commission when a product that you have worked on is purchased!


« I found this approach very interesting because that's what we try to do every day at the store with producer cards that are made available to our customers because for us it's important that people understand that behind each product there are men and women who participated in its development... »

Eric Pajeot, Manager of the local producers shop: "Fruitière des Producteurs du Mont-Blanc"

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